Thursday, March 24, 2011

Graph of the Day: Goal To Shot Ratios For Teams in European Leagues

This graph allows you to gauge one aspect of teams' offensive production with the help of the Reep ratio (aka the goals to shots ratio). Across the four leagues covered here, the average is currently .108 (or about 1 goal in 9.25 shots). With a median of .091, 50% of teams need at least 11 shots to score 1 goal, while the other 50% need less than 11 shots to score.

Many teams are where you'd expect them to be. But not all are; here are a few interesting outliers:

Blackburn, Blackpool, and Stuttgart all have higher ratios than one might predict based on the league table. Dortmund is quite a bit behind Leverkusen (who are having a great season, too), and Chelsea is surprisingly mediocre on this metric. Other clubs that are low, considering their league table: Lazio, but also Fiorentina, Bologna, and Genoa. These latter clubs highlight the low performance of Serie A this year compared to the other leagues. My favorite nugget: see if you can find Wolves and Real Madrid.

Obviously, a lot goes into explaining where teams stand on this score and how it relates to matches won and lost, but I thought it'd be fun just to take a look and start wondering why teams are where they are at this point in the season.